Cartridge People

Cartridge People

Cartridge People have one inclusive price with no hidden extras and free delivery throughout the UK. See conditions for various cashbacks you can earn.

Summary of Offers at Cartridge People

Online Cashback at Cartridge People

Earn Up to 12.5% with online purchases! Earn Cashback

Earn the following cashback - 12.5% on Bogofpaper, 5% on Compatible ink, 2.5% on Compatible toners, Gifts, Led voucher, PC Accessories, RecommendedBulb and others, 2% on HP originalink and originalink, 1.5% on stationery, 1% on Samsung original toner, 0.5% on printers.

Deal of the Week

-   Free Pencil Case...   Up to 4% Cashback

Summer Sale is on with savings of up to 60%. Get a Free pencil case with bag/backpack purchase and extra cashback! 20% Student discount. Next day delivery. Free shipping on orders over £60.

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